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May 2015
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Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday Caitlin Stasey 🙂 <3

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April 2015
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YWCA Victoria – TINATalks
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April 2015
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Caitlin on Nudity, Feminism and

How and when did you come up with the idea for
About a year ago I first had the desire to create a website for women; I just didn’t know what form it would take. After witnessing what I thought women were hoping to see, I sort of tailored it to fit that—like women wanting to see versions of themselves where they otherwise wouldn’t be, and for women to have a platform for themselves to speak out.

Was there a moment that triggered the creation of the site?
Yeah, my whole life I’ve been intimidated by men, threatened by men, as every woman has been. So, throughout the course of my life I have become incredibly hardened to that and I suppose over the past year as I’ve been incredibly active on social media my hardness has withered and now I’m more just outraged.

I can’t say there was one particular defining moment. I think living as a woman is enough of an example and enough of a reason to want to take matters into your own hands.

The site features lengthy interviews with women, and each woman is photographed naked. What was it about the vulnerability of being naked that appealed to you? What does the nudity represent? The thing is the more vulnerable you are the less vulnerable you are, right? Because what else do you have to hide now? The fact of the matter is nudity isn’t offensive. Nudity isn’t intrinsically linked to sex. Also, female nudity is so rarely regarded as being for her own reasons, it’s constantly peddled as this tool to capture the attention of men and I just think it’s bullshit. We allow men to roam topless down the street when it’s warm, yet if a woman is wearing a sheer shirt she’s endlessly, mercilessly mocked for it, or vilified. Female nudity represents nothing other than the freedom of that individual and also resistance to being defined by it. When you’re naked you have nothing to hide.

Each woman is asked the same set of questions during the interviews. How did you come up with the questions? Why these specific questions?
They’re the kind of questions I wish that I’d been asked or wish that people would ask me.

As an actress you get interviewed frequently. What kinds of questions do you find irritating?
For the most part I just hate being led down a path of typical questions asked to women… and this doesn’t pertain specifically to me, but “How do you balance home life and your career?” or “Show us your f-cking manicure,” that kind of stuff. It’s that kind of narrative that’s incredibly prevalent. In fact it’s the dominant narrative. That’s how people engage with women. They tell us how nice we look before they ask us how we are.

You describe your sexual orientation as fluid, and you’ve been open about the struggles you faced as a girl growing up in the Catholic education system and what had to be a private sexuality for you under the circumstances. How did that influence
I wanted young women to feel as though what they’re experiencing and feeling is not abnormal, and particularly queer women because they’re not really going to have access to queer content until they’re a fair bit older… My main point is that I would love for young girls to be like, “OK, there are women out there like me. What I’m experiencing isn’t evil or sinful or shameful; this is how my biology is, this is how my sexuality is. I can’t change that and even if I could, why should I have to?” I guess it played a role in just that I felt so other when I was young and I want to try to eliminate that for people.


March 2015
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February 2015
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Caitlin Stasey Talks Her New Feminist Website ‘Herself’

What inspired you to start
Caitlin Stasey:
I noticed that there was a lack of commentary from women about these types of issues, and every time there was it would just be responded to with negation and contradiction and abuse. I wanted to create a forum that was a one-way flow of information from women to the world about themselves.

What have you learned from the women you’ve been speaking to?
Mostly just the dissatisfaction they have with how the world views them, and also with how the media portrays them. Almost across the board every woman expresses upset at the way women are played throughout entertainment. Also it’s incredible to me how many women have been sexually assaulted. They say it’s one in four, but having read through these interviews and emails I receive daily, it seems to me that it’s almost four of four.

How have your Reign co-stars responded to Herself?
They’ve been so supportive and lovely. They all came to my launch party and bought a copy of the magazine. They’re all incredibly progressive and intelligent individuals.

And also Reign is such a female-driven show.
It’s set at a time when women were granted almost no power and weaponized sex was their only method of getting ahead, but despite that, it manages to showcase some truly incredible women.

Besides, do you have any other plans?
In the immediate future, I’m trying to hire more photographers to photograph in more remote parts of the world. I’m currently trying to set up communication between myself and female photographer in Somalia, in Istanbul, in Egypt, and in Ethiopia because Herself is primarily on empowering its subjects and what I would love to do is now also empower young female professionals in parts of the world where they’re otherwise dismissed or don’t have access to western opportunities, and an opportunity that paid to do something they love.



January 2015
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Caitlin Stasey.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Melbourne, Australia but immediately moved to Dubai where my father was working. We travelled all throughout the Middle East.

What is the image you would like to project?
One of kindness & integrity. I know I fail constantly, but I’m working towards being a reliable and worthy contributor to the world. I want more than anything for people to trust my insight & to not underestimate me.


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