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September 2014
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August 2014
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August 2014
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Street style lookbook: 50 shades of generally awesome

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WEARING: Topshop tee and overalls, Acne boots, Coach bag
ON HEAVY ROTATION: Money on My Mind – Sam Smith


July 2014
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Instagram + on set

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on set:

Just a quick shot of our stunning "Kenna" as I drive her home (x)


July 2014
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Season 2 (Reign) + photos (instagram, twitter)

Season 2 > Behind the scenes
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Instagram + twitter
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June 2014
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Young Vagabond

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Behind the scenes

June 2014
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Caitlin for MTV Flora/Girl Guide

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Caitlin Stasey I’m an actor, currently playing the role of Anna on Reign.

Why acting?

I’m an actress, I suppose, now for different reasons than when I first started. When I first started I was thirteen and desperately vying for attention, and I just wanted everyone to see me and love me and like me. Now I do it more for the sense of accomplishing something subtly in each scene that I do, and getting some sort of satisfaction out of working with people that I respect.

So it’s become almost like an art form?

I don’t think there’s any way to justify using the term art when it comes to what you do for a living, because anything you do that you get paid for is sort of lacking in artfulness, I guess. But I think there’s definitely an artistry to communication. So I can say that much. The ability to completely trust somebody is sort of an art form.

What would you be doing if you weren’t an actress?

If I wasn’t an actress, I think I’d want to work with children in some sort of creative sense. I keep having this daydream where I have this school of girls in Pakistan. I guess in the past several months, I’ve become more a person of principle than I ever have been, so I’d love to do something that helped benefit the world around me, primarily women – the women that I see day-to-day.

Who’s your woman crush?

Oh my gosh. So many. Um, I think Christina Hendricks is pretty incredible. I love Wynona Rider. I just love all women; I think women are pretty spectacular.

What is your favourite role you’ve played?

I did a television series in Australia called “Please Like Me”, which was directed, starred in, co-produced, co-directed by Josh Thomas. I played his ex-girlfriend and best friend. And it was just a beautiful true story of him coming out as a gay man in Australia. His mother attempting to commit suicide and him having to live through that. It was a comedy even though it didn’t sound like one.

You’ve publicly shown your support for the LGBT community, was this your first exposure to that?

Not for any lack of having believed in it, I mean I guess I just never really had a platform for it. I mean, this is what’s so great about social media, is that you can make all of your beliefs, ideas, thoughts, very clear, very quickly to a wide spectrum of people. I guess I never really said it before is that I figured it’s just, it’s just a given. Who in their right mind isn’t on board? And if they aren’t, they’re just not educated.

What’s your goal in life?

I suppose I want to feel as though – in a small way at least – [I could] have the impact to make even a dent in the negative and warped perception women have of their own sexuality. I would really love to feel as though I could influence or at least inspire other women to take charge of their sexuality and not feel burdened by it and not fearful of it. I would like to feel as though I’ve played a part in helping regain women sexuality. For us.

What’s something you want people to know about you?

I’m kind of a nice person. I think that people often assume because of things that they read, because of Twitter or Instagram, that they know me, that they understand me, that they can assume that… I don’t know. I would hate for people to ever consider that I’m an unkind or insincere person. Everything I do is born out of sincerity. So, I guess that’s it. I’m sincere and that I’m trying to be a good person.

Where have you traveled that changed your life?

I went to India when I was very young. I’d love to go back. It’s funny travelling to a third world country when all you’ve known is Western civilization, and you see children your age who are seemingly pretty happy and they’re living in these dire situations. I also travelled to Africa on the same trip. It was just really eye opening. It’s remarkable to witness just the wealth of experience that is in the world. But yeah, I would probably say India. Because as beautiful as it is and touching, it’s also deeply saddening because you see so many people living in horrific conditions.

Do you have a favorite band or favourite artist?

It’s always changing, I mean I love Alexander of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and I also love Bonny Prince Billy, The White Stripes, Jack White. It’s a really eclectic selection at the moment.

What’s your favourite thing in the world?


What’s your least favourite thing in the world?

Loneliness. Mine or anyone else’s.

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